Initiative 2020

curated by the Board of Trustees of the Collegiate Museum and the Municipality of San Candido,
starting July 21, at three venues

Venue 1: Piazza del Magistrato
The cause: snow crashes
The first snow in winter 19/20 caused great devastation in the woods around San Candido. Only now, after the lockdown, a clean-up is possible. However, the event should not simply be cleared away, but made visible. The artist Luis Seiwald brings bent and uprooted trees into the place and shapes them into signs of the upheavals to which our earth is increasingly exposed. Locally, but also globally.

Venue 2: Franciscan monastery
The uprooted tree becomes a metaphor for the roots of the people living here, which are documented in the museum: Evidence of local tradition, Baroque everyday culture and from the time when San Candido was the Roman road station Littamum.

Venue 3: The Granary
In the granary, second pillar of the Collegiate Museum, San Candido's family tree becomes visible, with exhibits from the time of the monastery chapter and the canons.

In both museums, works by the artist Barbara Seeber will be added to the exhibited objects: Planet Drums, spherical percussion instruments made of ceramic, stand for the diversity on this earth. Their music, the inner voice of the earth, becomes a reconciling element.
Parallel to this, the musician Manuel Oberkalmsteiner weaves sounds from the forest with tones and sounds in the daily environment in an interactive sound installation. The soft music of the forest is suddenly disturbed by the roar of the snowfall. If you approach the Planet Drums, their rhythmic sound, the heartbeat of the earth, can be heard.

Man and nature: a major theme, represented by a few memorable objects in two museums. Through modest measures they are experienced in a new light.