Chiesa all’ospedale e S. Maurizio

Chiesa di Santa Caterina all’ospedale
In the 12th century the church was part of a Dominican convent that had originally probably been a Benedictine convent. After the fires in San Candido in 1413 and 1554, the San Candido nuns found a temporary home in Lienz. In the 17th century they finally moved to Lienz and San Candido remained uninhabited. In the 19th century, the municipality acquired the buildings and set up the hospital, hence the name hospital church. Simple pre-Romanesque hall with flat ceiling and attached round apse.

Chiesa di San Maurizio

This church was probably built around 970 and rebuilt around 1479. In 1786 Emperor Joseph II ordered its closure. Today it is only recognizable as a trapezoidal part of a residential house.