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About the Museum

As a settlement from pre-Christian times, as a Roman road station at the crossing of important trade routes, as a thousand-year-old spiritual, cultural and economic centre, San Candido today preserves a great heritage. The Collegiate Museum - with two locations - gives insight into San Candido's past from early history to modern times.

Tavola disegno 28
Opening hours
Winter: for groups please call
+39 0474 913149
Summer: 04.07–12.09.2020, 
Tue–Sat: 14–19 PM
Tavola disegno 29
The Collegiate Museum 1
Via Atto, 2
The Collegiate Museum 2
via P. P. Rainer 19
39038 San Candido (BZ)
Tel. +39 0474 913278
Tavola disegno 33
Guided Tours
on request

Admission Prices
7,00 € adults
4,00 € children (6-12 years), elderly (over 60), students
free admission for children up to 6 years
1 free ticket for groups (15 persons and more)