St. Michael Parish Church

After 1735, this 12th-century Romanesque church was remodelled into a unique Baroque gem with a splendid ornamentation reminiscent of the ornate playfulness of Rococo. The external structure is determined by the arching framework of its windows, niches revealing statues, a magnificent main façade crowned by a cross, braziers bearing fire and angels blowing trumpets, scroll-topped buttresses and a graceful round tower whose conical cupola was replaced by an onion-shaped dome during its renovation. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Tyrol.
The interior

The outside of St. Michael Parish Church bears witness to a tendency towards the great liveliness of Rococo, which the becomes strikingly evident in the church interior especially so in the extraordinary vault frescoes and rich ornamentation painted in countless shapes and forms by the ingenious Christoph Anton Mayr. Even in the fresco imagery, the art conveys a need to expand which defies the confinements of space, where heaven and earth merge into one. The fresco in the vault atop the altar depicts St. Michael banishing the fallen angels into hell. On the three vault frescoes in the church nave, St. Michael is portrayed as he who defeats evil, as protector of the church and as patron of the dying.